About Suntac Technologies

v Background

        Suntac Technologies , is a subsidiary of the Suntac Group of companies. It was established in April, 1999 and is based in Yangon, Myanmar, with its Head Office located at the Room 5/7/8/12 , Building 5, MICT Park, Yangon, Myanmar.
        The main objective of Suntac Technologies is to provide a comprehensive range of services to enhance the rapid technological growth and infrastructural development within Myanmar. A substantial force of technological expertise has been incorporated in to the company through the recruitment of highly qualified Myanmar engineers and technicians who are well experienced in the fields of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Surveying, Aerial Mapping, Computer Technology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System technology and Geology.
         The company has gained diverse experience in Project implementation in the fields of Transporation related Engineering studies; Highway and Railways construction; Agricultural development; studies relating to Dams and Irrigation systems ; and National Spatial Database development.

v Our Main Objectives

  • to introduce Advanced Technology and Quality Engineering Services
  • to establish a complete Geomatics and IT Solutions provider in Myanmar and at the International level
  • to provide international Engineering Standards that will enhance both State and Private Sector Development
  • to establish a Leading Technology Center for the Remote Sensing, GIS, Geodetic Engineering and Survey Engineering fields.
  • to provide technical consultancy services at local and international levels